Saturday, July 30, 2005

Book on the Elimination of Tonsil Stones
The book contains:

  • Main causes and details of how Tonsil Stones form in the back of your throat.

  • A list of common foods you eat every day that need to be eliminated from your diet.

  • Supplementary oral care techniques that are proven to prevent food particle build up in the crypts of our tonsils. 

  • The fastest and safest ways to remove your smelly tonsil stones at home.

  • Prevention secrets that have been tested by hundreds of Tonsil Stone sufferers from all over the world.

  • Daily diet routine to completely stop the formation of Tonsil Stones.

  • Full support from our help desk to answer any questions.

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  • low lying cerebellar tonsils
  • signs have tonsils removed
  • white spots on tonsils strep throat

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